An End-of-year update

This is the sixth in an ongoing series of blog posts by the people behind the return of A Fleeting Animal in September, 2015.

More big news for our revival of A Fleeting Animal: we have been featured in the latest Vermont Arts Council blog post, written expertly by Susan McDowell. You can read it at . Second, through the generosity of almost 75 donors, I have surpassed the $5000 goal in my Hatchfund campaign so I will receive the funding. (With Hatchfund, like many other crowdfunding platforms, if the goal isn’t reached by the deadline, the applicant gets nothing.) Not only does this mean I can more fully devote myself to copying and revising the opera, but any amount over $5000 will go toward the production of A Fleeting Animal itself. If you wish to see how the campaign is doing before the Thursday deadline, go to . If you haven’t already donated, please consider giving to help me make my “stretch” goal of $6000. And thanks to the many, many folks who have already donated.


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