I have always loved text setting and especially enjoy working with living poets (though I’ve found Shakespeare and Emily Dickinson work just fine as well).
Large Ensemble Works
A category with a wide variety of instrumental and vocal combinations for large ensembles.
Small Ensemble Works
Where I’ve done some of my best work, especially, though not exclusively, in small ensembles that include string quartet.
Solo/Duo Works
A relatively new and rapidly expanding area that I’ve begun exploring more the past few years.
I have written music for weddings of friends and family, including my two oldest daughters, and I know that having music composed especially for the couple helps make the occasion even more memorable.
Works for Beginners and Youth
I've had a lot of fun exploring this area, with solo pieces and small ensembles for the beginner as the creative result.
Voices of October
This CD contains choral and vocal music composed over two decades, from Our Wish This Year is Peace (1992) to two works composed especially for the concerts in 2011 during which the CD was recorded, Summer for unaccompanied chorus and Trajectory of Flight for mezzo-soprano and strings.


Please note that all prices listed for works are predicated on the purchaser downloading .pdf files and photocopying and/or binding as needed. Extra charges may apply if I have to do the photocopying, binding and mailing for the purchaser.