A relatively new and rapidly expanding area that I’ve begun exploring more the past few years.

Solo Works

Jive City (for tuba) (2009) 2′

Nocturne for bass clarinet (2009) 6′

Nocturne for bassoon (same piece as above, arranged for bassoon)

The Empty Chair (for viola) (2009) 3’30”

Another Take (for violoncello) (2011) 6′

Lament for Violoncello (2010) 6′

Little Suite for Viola (2010) (a work in 3 movements) 8′

Sketches (for solo piano) (2010)  (a work with six movements plus a prologue and epilogue) 15′

 “. . .lyrical, intimate, colorful and extremely beautiful.  They are exquisitely written for piano, using both the colorful and the percussive effects of the instrument.”

Diane Huling, pianist

Slidebone (for trombone) (2010) (a work in 3 movements) 8′



Spiritual Alloys (for tuba and vibraphone) (1993) 12′

Sonata for Tuba and Piano (2001) (a work in 3 movements) 14′

Velvet Night (2002) (a duo for bass clarinet and vibraphone)  9′

Sonata for Viola and Piano (2008) (a work in four movements) 18′

Voices in the Wind (2012) (six short pieces for flute and viola) 16′