I have written music for weddings of friends and family, including my two oldest daughters, and I know that having music composed especially for the couple helps make the occasion even more memorable.   A new piece of entrance music or recessional is certainly exciting, but even more riveting is a piece composed specifically for the middle of the ceremony itself, when everyone’s attention will be on the music.  For $500 I can compose a 1-2′ processional piece.  For $750 I can create music for the middle of the ceremony and for $1250 I can compose an entire package, including processional, centerpiece, and recessional music.  If you are getting married in Vermont, I can help put you in touch with professional musicians who perform at weddings.  So if you are looking for something both individual and different, a piece of music commissioned by you and with your input can help make the wedding experience even more unforgettable.  Please Contact Me for more information and to set up a consultation.

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